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Question: Why do I lose water in my pool?
Answer: Normal daily water loss through evaporation can range from a quarter to a half inch per day. Heating systems, human activity and water features will also increase this loss.

Question: What is the water capacity of my pool?
Answer: Here are three simple ways to get an idea of how many gallons your pool will hold, and if you still have trouble just contact someone in the pool industry for help
A) Rectangle: length x width x average depth x 7.5 gallons.
B) Circular: length x diameter x average depth x 5.9 gallons
C) Oval: length x short diameter x average depth x 5.9 gallons

Question: Can I just put all my chemicals in one bucket and dump them in the pool at the same time?
Answer: Don't even think about it, NEVER mix chemicals! Add each one separately to your pool.

Question: How is salt used to sanitize pool water?
Answer: Well lets look at Sodium Chloride and Chlorine. If you combine the two, you come up with your everyday table salt and with a jolt of electric current (electrolysis) the two will separate and boom, you have instant chlorine in your pool. As the Chlorine reacts with bacteria in the pool it will convert back to sodium chloride and begin the process all over again. Easy and simple and very little work on your part. The system recycles itself, which means no need for liquid chlorines in your pool.

Question: I want to heat my pool, what type of heating should I use?
Answer: The best two ways to heat a pool are solar and heat pumps. The use of Solar heating is all natural and cost free from the sun after installation. Heat pumps are another source and run by electricity. both ways have benefits so it depends on your preference! We suggest for the heating of a spa you look into gas heating for quicker enjoyment. Contact us for more information or questions you may have.

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